Donald Trump Now Claiming “We’ve Got 100 Million People” Unemployed In America

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says there are actually 100 million people who are unemployed in the United States.

Trump has previously said the number was 93 million, a number that independent fact-checking site Politifact said was “way too high.”

“People are tired of being ripped off by every country that does business with us, by everything,” Trump said on the Cats Roundtable on AM970 The Answer on Sunday. “Our vets are being horribly treated. We’ve got 100 million people in the workforce that aren’t working, that people don’t know.

“They see unemployment but that’s a phony statistic because when you stop looking for a job you go down essentially as employed so it doesn’t show,” he continued. “But we have 100 million that are in the workforce, and they’re not getting work. So we have a lot of problems and we’ll solve those problems. You know that about me.”

As noted by Politifact, Trump is including in his accounting every American of retirement age and those 16 years old and above and represents “a basic misunderstanding of the labor market.” The Wall Street Journal brutally declared in a headline of Trump previous account, “Donald Trump Is Right: About 42% of Americans Are Unemployed (If You Include My 88-Year-Old Grandma).”

Trump, however, seems unfazed.

“Well, I actually say 22%, but who knows,” Trump added Sunday. “All I know is it is too much and if you look at, you know, you could say 35% and 40% — one of the economists actually said 42% the other day. You figure he takes those 100 million people and you take a big chunk of them and you add them into the numbers and that’s the kind of number you’re talking about. So it’s not good. It’s not good.”

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