Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump for President

Image: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Donald TrumpNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump on Friday, saying the Republican presidential front-runner is “rewriting the playbook of American politics.”

“The single most important thing for the Republican Party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton,” Christie said. “I can guarantee that the one person Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t want to see on that stage come next September is Donald Trump.”

“He is rewriting the playbook of American politics because he is providing strong leadership that is not dependent upon the status quo. The best person to beat Hillary Clinton in November is undoubtedly Donald Trump,” Christie added.

Trump, who previously dismissed the importance of endorsements, said Christie is “the one endorsement that I felt very strongly about.”

Christie went after Rubio, Trump’s closest rival for the Republican presidential nomination, calling his behavior “desperate” and indicative of a “losing campaign.”

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